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I'm doing research on what it's like to unschool in Honolulu. My husband got a job offer there and I wanted to research about living there before he went any further with it. Is anyone familiar with unschooling there. I have already checked in with HSLDA and the laws. I'm coming from AZ where there is minimal involvement with the state. It would be a change for me to have some regulations. Anyway, I would love to know what you all know about this!! TIA!

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NHEN gives this as a short summary:


Any parent may homeschool his or her child by filing a notice of intent with the principal of the local public school. The notice may be given on a department developed form OIS - 4140, or in a letter containing the required information. No approval is needed. The rules say that parents shall have "a written record of the planned curriculum" but this is not ordinarily shared with the school.

An annual progress report is required. You have a CHOICE of showing progress via: standardized test scores, an evaluation by a teacher certified in in the state of Hawaii, or a parent-written report providing statements of progress in each subject area and samples of the student's work.

Standardized test scores are normally required in grades 3, 6, 8, and 10. If test scores are submitted for the progress report that would satisfy the statewide testing requirement. The rules allow for alternatives to standardized testing: "Parents may request and principals may approve other means of evaluation..." In practice, this has meant that parents wishing to use other means of evaluation such as a portfolio may do so, but the exact alternative which the school will accept is to be negotiated with the principal. Testing can be done at the local school or at the parents expense.

For more information, contact:

Hawaii Homeschool Association

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